2.5" diameter sticker printed on white vinyl with lamination for protection.

Use these stickers on your water bottle, laptop, binders, etc. to continue to remind people that their life is valued and cared about! 


The goal of our merch is to reach anyone who needs to see these words in hopes that it may save them. What has been seen in suicide notes and said by suicide survivors is that they wouldn't do it if someone:

  • Smiled at them.
  • Asked if they were okay.
  • Etc.

Let's take it one step further. Life is busy, we may not pick up on cues from others, especially strangers. Having a shirt or sticker that makes this connection to that person right away could help save a life. Some may even ask what your shirt means, which furthers the connection!

Any step towards trying to help prevent suicide is a step in the right direction.

I Am So Glad You Exist 

"I'm So Glad You Exist" Sticker

  • This is a PREORDER. Once Preorders close, production time will begin and take about two weeks. Shipping time will be one week.

    The average turnaround time from your order will be 3-4 weeks from purchase.